Back and Hip Pain / Sinus Congestion and Ribcage Dysfunction
     "I have been going to Dr. Ken's office since the age of 12.  Eight years later he is still the chiropractor I go to for my care.  I first came to Dr. Ken's office because I was having severe sinus congestion.  He helped me clear my sinuses and opened up my ribcage motion for better singing and dancing performances.  Dr Ken is not only a chiropractor, he seriously knows it all.  Most recently, I found out I had a slight tear in my right hip labrum.  Dr. Ken was the only therapy that has healed my hip.  I tried physical therapy, and it made me have more pain than ever in the beginning.  My favorite tool Dr. Ken used on me is his invisible light laser therapy.  He seriously healed me from the inside out.  I am so happy to have Dr. Ken as my chiropractor.  He is one that sincerely cares for all of his patients, and takes immense care and time with you.  I have to thank Dr. Ken from the bottom of my heart for all he has done for me!  Best care ever."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Kira Shababb

Low Back Pain and Digestive Issues
     "Working for Dr. Ken this past Summer has been an experience like no other.  Although it may have only been for a short amount of time, the information I have learned and the overall insight about health and wellness I have gained are timeless!  Dr. Ken was willing to give me this opportunity, despite the fact I had no prior experience with chiropractic, nor within a professional office environment, and I am so grateful.  He opened my eyes to a whole new world of care and wellness, one that I later discovered I would benefit immensely from.  As a first-year college student, months prior to meeting Dr. Ken, I struggled with my health, and getting the care I needed while away at school.  As time went on, and my symptoms gradually became worse, I met with three different medical doctors, all of which could not find an effective solution to my problem.  I decided to discuss these issues with Dr. Ken, and just as he promised me, the right amount of care and dedication to getting better resulted in not only a significant improvement of my symptoms and overall well-being, but a change in the way I perceive health, seeing it now as more important than ever.  From making sure I got my proper adjustments every week to supporting me with the Nutri-Spec  nutritional program, Dr. ken helped me along every step of the way.  I can now officially say I feel better, healthier, and happier than I ever have in the past eight months when my health took a turn for the worst.  I hope to take these lessons with me as I move forward with my educational career and so on, as well as influencing others to make a change as Dr. Ken influenced me.  I will always remember his famous saying, "Care is the currency of your health!", and yes, it is so true.  Thank you for everything, Dr. ken!"                                                                                AnnaMarie  LaGreca  

Herniated Lumbar Disc
     "Before my regular chiropractic care from Dr. Ken, I was experiencing severe back pain that made my day to day experiences a chore.  After going through his plan of care, I no longer have back pain.  He always had a smile, and is a very thorough and concerned practitioner.  My only regret is that I hadn't sought out Dr. Ken sooner.  Thank you for the wonderful care, Dr. Ken"                                                                                              Betti Pierri

Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis and more
     "Over the past 8 years Dr. Ken has helped me with numerous problems ranging from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, repetitive stress injuries, tendonitis and more.  I can honestly say that if it weren't for him I would not be playing today.  Thanks for everything Doc!                    Tim Quick - Broadway Guitarist

Neck and Back Pain
     "I have had problems with my neck and back for as long as I can remember.  Also, one hip was always a little higher than the other.  When I started going to Dr. Ken, for the first time, I have relief from my pain.  I really wish my parents would have known about chiropractic care and how it could have helped me as a child.  I only hope parents will take advantage of helping their children before they experience pain."                        Janis Bricker

Sports Injuries and Performance
     "Chiropractic care has transformed my game both physically and mentally.  After going for a treatment, my body feels better, I feel stronger, and I breathe easier.  Chiropractic care for me is the difference between striking out the last batter to win the game, and letting up a game winning hit.  Mentally, I feel more confident in whatever I'm doing because I know my body will be well aligned and performing at 110 percent.  I would strongly recommend chiropractic care to any serious athlete that feels he/she can improve to the next level."                                               Kevin Magee - Baltimore Orioles Draft Pick                                                

Several Herniated Discs in the Neck, Shoulder Pain, Arthritis and Asthma
     "I had been suffering from lower back pain and shoulder pain due to minor arthritis, which would not go away with analgesics, and turned to Dr. ken for treatment.  I have now been a patient for over 5 years and have shown a marked improvement.  During this time, due to a fall, I suffered several herniated discs in my neck causing pain and stiffness, which were affecting my physically active lifestyle.  After a couple of weeks of adjustments and laser treatments I felt genuinely better and was able to resume my hobbies of hiking, kayaking, gardening and grand-mothering.  Dr Ken as well gives a wonderful rib and nasal adjustment, which has improved my overall breathing and asthma."                                                                                         Patricia Moyle

     "Through my first year of medical school classes I have seen the inseparable connections between the form of the body and its optimal function.  I experienced proof of these after being under dr. Ken Wolosz's care for the past 9 years.  I came to the office suffering from weekly headaches, and was determined that my neck had assumed an abnormal curvature.  After traction and adjustments, my headaches became much less frequent and severe, and the re-assumption of the normal curvature was clearly seen through subsequent x-rays.  I also was adjusted by Dr. Ken when I felt sick, and noticed an increase in energy and quicker recovery after his treatments.  I seldom get headaches now, and I know without Dr. Ken's care I would be suffering frequently.  I can't imagine how this would have affected my school work and quality of life, as the headaches were very debilitating.  Not only did Dr. ken give me excellent chiropractic adjustments, he has proven to be a very kind and caring doctor.  He offers many excellent words of wisdom and encouragement to me as I continue my medical education and provides a wonderful example of how to be a compassionate healthcare provider."     Dr. Brittney Zafonte

Back, Knee and Elbow Pain 
     " During the past 15 years Dr Ken Wolosz has successfully treated me for back, knee and elbow ailments.  At age 55 I am joyful to say that I have maintained a mostly pain-free existence under his care.  Dr. Ken is the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to understanding the body, diagnosing the root cause of a problem, and providing holistic and natural treatment.  He is also one of the most caring human beings I've ever known.  He understands the Mind-Body connection while living that which he teaches.  Dr Ken is continuously advancing his knowledge and techniques in order to help his patients.   I am grateful to Dr. Ken for introducing me to chiropractic care which has become an essential part of being able to enjoy life to the fullest.  A more dedicated and committed healthcare doctor would be difficult to find."                                                                       Carol Rosen, LCSW

Family Care/Better Overall Health
     "My husband Jim has been a patient of Dr. Ken for over 12 years and when we first started dating I thought he was crazy.  All Jim would talk about was how wonderful Dr. Ken was and how much better he felt after getting chiropractic adjustments.  I never heard of a person going to a chiropractor for maintenance, only for a car accident injury or a bad fall.  Eventually, my patience and back got the better of me and I went to try him.  Well, now I have been a loyal patient of Dr. Ken for 7 years, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.  Since becoming his patient, my health has dramatically improved.  Being a teacher, I was consistently sick from September to December every year, but now, I can't remember the last time I got a simple cold.  Dr. Ken helped me have two wonderful pregnancies with minimal pain and now both of my kids have been patients since they were less than 7 days old.  My daughter, Sofia, has had 2 minor ear infections in her first 20 months of living.  Her only visits to the pediatrician have been for vaccinations and scheduled check-ups.  I know my family will continue to be Dr. Ken's patients for many years to come.   We love Dr. Ken and his amazing staff.      Belinda McBride - Assistant Principal

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