Nutri-Spec Metabolic Balancing System

Nutrition can be a very frustrating subject, and going to the health food store can be equally daunting, as well as confusing.  If every product on the shelf is supposed to be good for you, then where do you begin?  You couldn't possibly buy and ingest everything they are selling!  Guessing what products to take and how much is the recipe for FAILURE!  Also, many of these products are cheaply made, and totally worthless.  Taking the wrong supplements could even make you worse. 

Many years of studying nutrition and the human body has zeroed me in on a system of individualized nutritional analysis and metabolic balancing called NUTRI-SPEC.  This unique system of nutritional analysis attempts to uncover and treat the metabolic cause of your problem and not just mask the symptoms.  This amazing system specifically identifies the supplements/nutrients your body needs, and the amounts you need to take to correct five specific metabolic imbalances causing inflammation, immune dysfunction, altered repair mechanisms, and illness.  When these imbalances are corrected or under control your body can once again do its job of producing good health.  NUTRI-SPEC TESTING uses your saliva,urine, pulses, blood-pressures, breathe rate and hold time, and skin responses to individualize each protocol, and re-testing after a short period of time determines what areas of metabolism are corrected or improving, and what additional supplements/nutrients you need.  Getting sick and old is not a desirable option, when  NUTRI-SPEC metabolic testing and protocols could be the game-changer you are looking for to improve your health and improve any health challenge you are facing.

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